Aventureros del Mezcal is a platform that works as a gear between Mexican mezcal producers and you! Together, we can contribute to preserve the traditional production of artisanal and ancient mezcal, support fair payment to the producers, and conserve endemic agave species.

We bring you closer to producers through the sale of their mezcals. For several producers, it is difficult to develop their products due to distance, regulations, and certification fees. We make sure that they receive fair payment for their work by making cost analysis of production, and the identification of margin profit that allows them to raise their quality of life. Through us, be confident that you are contributing to the fair trade of mezcal.

Luis Méndez

Luis Méndez dedicated a large part of his life to the reproduction of various species of agave and their conservation. He started the cooperative “El Solteco” in the community of Sola de Vega, Oaxaca.

Alberto Martínez

Alberto Martínez and his family are from the Santa Catarina Albarradas community, Oaxaca. They have been dedicated to the production of mezcal for 25 years and they built their own palenque 4 years ago.

Lorenzo Monterroza

The Martínez Monterroza family migrated from their hometown, Santiago Matatlán. However, they decided to continue the family tradition by activating the 5-star Palenque, which belonged to their grandfather. Lorenzo is in charge of the production.