Aventureros del Mezcal has become a tireless promoter of Mexican spirits, with or without designation of origin. However, there is still a lot of work to do. In the thirteen years of work experience that we have gained in the mezcal world, we never imagined that there would be a boom on the market, but it happened. Currently, it is in full swing, so it is important to promote projects with social responsibility, hence we promote the following services:

We give training to producers to professionalize their business and to launch their brand. Additionally, we provide guidance and backup for accreditation of the mezcal brand, requirements for SAT, COFEPRIS, IMPI, CRM, CIDAM, PAMFa, CMX, GS1, and all the instances to launch the product to the market.

For companies or entrepreneurs that want to launch their mezcal brand, we search for producers that accomplish the required characteristics of the mezcal. We not only select the producer (Maestro Mezcalero) but also care for fair commerce and social responsibility.

Provide consulting to producers, companies, and entrepreneurs who want to build a mezcal factory or Palenque. It is important to mention that we focus on sustainable factories with an energy approach, waste treatment, and process efficiency.

With over 10 years of experience in the mezcal industry, we can give some advice to make improvements in the production process. Improvements in yield, quality of the product, and setting up the sensorial profile according to the target market.

Agave management

Identification and assertive control over plagues and illness. Develop natural nutritive treatments that fortify the soil and help to improve plant nutrition. Estimation of annual sowing to satisfy the annual demand. Trainee with skilled agricultural engineers.


Build your sale storytelling and standardize the tasting/sampling. We give you supporting information, keeping our mindset of environmental awareness to spread a conscience with the customers over the issues that exist around the chain maguey-mezcal.

Mitigation of social and environmental impacts on production

There exists a high impact on the use of water, firewood, and the production of vinasses, therefore, we identify the actions to be carried out for the use of alternative energies, waste management, and social problems such as the proper costing of the product.

The ABC of mezcal

• UNIT I. Mezcal and other spirits
• UNIT II. Production processes
• UNIT III. Aromas and flavors of the mezcal
• UNIT III. Problems and impacts
Duration: 6 hours

The secrets of mezcal

• UNIT I. Agaves in Mexico and the world.
• UNIT II. History of the spirits in Mexico.
• UNIT III. The ABC of physicochemical analysis in the spirits’ production.
• UNIT IV. Problems and impacts in the spirits.
• UNIT V. How to organize tastings and samples promoting and respecting the mezcal culture.
Duratioon: 21 hours


• UNIT I. Current overview of mezcal and agave spirits.
• UNIT II. Processes, background, and certification fundamentals.
• UNIT III. Preconditions for marketing.
• UNIT IV. Requirements for certification in each link of the production chain.
• UNIT V. Filling formats and details for certification in each link of the production chain.
• UNIT VI. Costs related to the certification for each link of the chain.
• UNIT VII. The measure of alcoholic grade.
• UNIT VIII. Other certifications.
• UNIT IX. Canvas Model.
• UNIT X. Social entrepreneur and sustainability.
Duration: 8 hours


• UNIT I. Mezcal production process and aim of pricing.
• UNIT II. Costs to consider at the production of mezcal.
• UNIT III. How to make a structure of costs simple and flexible.
Duration: 4 hours


Goal: Live the experience of the artisanal and ancestral mezcal production process guided by the maestro mezcalero.

• Depart from Oaxaca city (hotel) – 10:00AM
• Breakfast 10:45AM – 11:20AM
• Tour in the field where you can observe different agave species. 11:30AM -12:20PM.
• Tour in an artisanal mezcal factory in Santiago Matatlán and sampling of mezcals. 12:30PM – 13:30PM.
• Tour in a mezcal ancestral factory in Santa Catarina Minas and sampling of mezcals. 14:20PM – 15:40PM.
• Lunch 15:50PM – 16:30PM.
• Arrival at the hotel. 17:30PM.


Discover the characteristics of artisanal and ancestral mezcals, we make this by sampling 3 different mezcals in a group (from 2 to 15 people). In this tasting, you will learn the technique of tasting through a structured methodology, supported and enjoyable.

Discover the secrets of the mezcal through our tastings. The cost depends on the number of people.