“MEZCAL ADVEN-TOUR” 726 400 Aventureros del Mezcal

Experience Mezcal and enjoy Oaxaca to the fullest!Live a unique “Mezcal Adven-Tour” with Aventureros del Mezcal!

We will walk you through the different phases of Mezcal production, both artisanal and ancestral. You will meet two mezcal families, and the youngest ever female producer in Oaxaca. San Dionisio Ocotepec and Santa Catarina Minas await you with their history, mythology and tradition.

Chat with Master Adela Cruz Antonio one of the youngest female producers of mezcal.
Visit a traditional Mezcal Factory or “palenque,” take a look at the grinding pit and the ground oven.

Get to know the traditional ways of making mezcal from the masters themselves.

Get a taste of the real Oaxaca, its people and the stories behind this unique beverage.

Meet Master Antonio Carlos who proudly produces Mezcal Ancestral in clay pots.

The tour includes:

Transportation to and from your hotel
Breakfast and lunch
Mezcal tasting
English(fluent) & Spanish
6 hours